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Trevor Noah’s Tweets Make Me Ask ‘What if Jon Stewart Had Twitter In His ’20s?’

Trevor Noah’s “offensive” tweets from 2011-2012 pale in comparison to Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast and the Ari Shaffir rant about Damienne Merlina.

jevo jello shots maker

Jevo is The World’s First Fully Automated Jell-O Shots Maker

The Savory thinks you should call Jevo, the world’s first “fully automated” shot maker, “The Keurig of the gelatin world”. Urban Dictionary seems to think it’s “Puerto Rican slang for a friend with benefits”.

taco bell biscuit taco

Taco Bell Biscuit Taco To Take Down McDonald’s

Taco Bell is challenging McDonald’s for your breakfast time by releasing a “biscuit taco”. And the waffle taco has to pay the price. Your move, Ronald.

gq bikini models expensive puppies

2 Chainz Pets a $100,000 Dog

2 Chainz is rich. Rich rappers buy ridiculously expensive ‘ish. GQ presents Mr. Chainz with some of the most expensive items on Earth to see if Chainz will buy said items. This episode features puppies that cost $100k.

TJ miller GQ first job old style beer

Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller Once Had People Turn Down Free Beer

I’m following up yesterday’s post about Jon Hamm’s first job as a dishwasher with this post about TJ Miller’s first job as a promo guy for Old Style beer in Chicago.


Set list from @standupny show on 3/28. Video coming soon... #comedy #fat #farts #beard Just in the nickel... nick of time. Time to #getwellfaster. Thanks @coldeeze If only this place had a view, it would be perfect.

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