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olor dao ting shia labeouf parody

Cute Little Kid Parodies Shia Labeouf’s Motivational Speech

Just when you thought you’ve hit your lifetime quota for parodies of Shia LaBeouf’s intense motivational speech, this cute lil spoof from Ming Dao Ting and his daughter, Olor.

Myq Kaplan Jessica Kirson Eastville Comedy Club July 1st 2015

See Me with Myq Kaplan & Jessica Kirson at EastVille on July 1st

Come see me tell jokes with Myq Kaplan and Jessica Kirson on Wednesday, July 1st at Eastville Comedy Club in Alex Brizel’s “Your Showcase of Showcases”.

Lauryn Hill Fugees

Watch My Latest Set at Stand Up NY: McWhopper, Fugeesus, Dr. Lacrosse

Watch my latest stand-up comedy set from Stand Up NY. I joked about my name, my Irish-Italian heritage, Catholic high school, and Johns Hopkins University.

peanut butter jelly grilled burrito

Fill Me with Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly Burrito STAT

These videos from Brandi Milloy at Popsugar show you how to make a peanut butter and jelly grilled burrito and a funfetti grilled cheese. Killin’ it on the grill!

sriracha rooster sauce

What’s Inside Sriracha? Besides Heavenly Balls of Fiery Hell

This spicy video from Wired magazine shows us what’s exactly inside Sriracha aka Rooster Sauce.


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