Hottdogs Is A Real Weiner [VIDEO]

VBS TV has this sketch comedy show called, “Hottdogs.” It’s phunny with a ‘ph’ so you know it ain’t no half-ass rigmarole that your step-grandmother sips her soup to, you ornery punk lover. It’s created by and starring Clayton Harper, Carl Bennett, Scotty Landes and Bryce Craver. The show takes a page from the absurd comedy of 90s favorites like Mr. Show and The State, with sketches such as “Mouth Dick” and “Sex Beggar”.

Pay specific attention to the party scene in Episode 2. That line is killer on the babes – more specifically, the hipster babes who can’t get enough of the blood-soaked UFC sh*t. There’s tons of those chicks!

Also, I want to party with Mouthd*ck. Who’s Mouthd!ck? Oh, u’!! s33…


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