Fantaseez Vs. TechnoViking: You Make the Call

Matt Besser’s “Fantaseez” Video

The Post-Video Analysis:

TechnoViking brings the pain while everyone around him is pretty dopamined – chillaxed to the core, making TV (technoviking) that much more bad-assier. In the Matt B video, everyone tries to be TechnoViking and maybe that’s what makes it so amazing. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears put into the Matt B piece must’ve been astronomical making the clean-up a real bee-ah-eech. I mean, you’d think tears would just evaporate but those buggers are like grape juice mixed with crushed mustard seeds.

Matt B’s is staged whereas TechnoViking is for-realz… or IS IT?! TechnoViking is definitely made out to be the superhero, the protagonist in this struggle for dance supremacy. He’ll defend your honor then break you off. There’s no defense or safe haven in Matt B’s vid. You cross Fantaseez’ path and you lose your blue book value, my friend.

WINNER: Fantaseez

Let’s be honest, knocking over an old woman, smashing potted plants one-by-one in succession, and straight up flingin’ babies totally kills TV’s disco-death stare. And the bulge in the pants bit has morphed to an entirely new level. TV wishes he packed that kind of lava sauce.

Sorry, TV – but please leave your crown and scepter on your way out.


  1. Your name suits you well. T-vike rents, never owns.


  2. You’re wrong.That first vid is lame. Technoviking owns.


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