I Never Got A Room After Prom, But Bart Did [TRAILER]

This is the trailer for a new comedy called, “Bart Got a Room” starring William H. Macy (who doesn’t have his own website) and that YouTube guy who re-enacts classic movie scenes without getting the ever-living pleats sued off him (who does).

I never got a room after prom. I barely had the courage to ask my eventual junior prom date to go with me then when she agreed I lost my mind and wore sweatpants and a stained Arizona Diamondbacks tee to the after party, which was NOT at a hotel. I almost didn’t go to senior prom and was eventually asked to go by a good friend (whom I later really really really messed things up with – she’s engaged now so it all worked out…*cough*).

Anyways, we didn’t get a hotel room either. We ended up driving the half hour to 45 minutes back out of PA to Hightstown, NJ where I really really messed things up (notice this was before the ‘really’ ‘really’ ‘really’ messing up of things) by opening my stupid mouth to a guy who’s notorious B.I.G.-mouthed. I could tell you the full story but I’m waiting for someone to purchase the rights. Capitalism, mothasnucka!

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