Catholic High School Football Rap Video Makes Me Say Oh My Lord

This music video comes from Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky. It features a catholic high school football team rappin’ and a rockin’ about how they win mostly because of the Big Guy Upstairs. The video is actually really well shot and the players hold their own on camera. The genre/tone is a mix of Limp Dilsnick meets P.O.D. meets the 1985 Chicago Bears.

Part of me wonders how the alumni and parents who donated to the team feel – I mean, aren’t you a tad peeved your hard-earned money went towards a music video about winning then the team goes out and loses? That’s a LOT of pressure on these guys to dominate, otherwise, my faith in God is severely shook…shaken…chaka khan?


  1. Monster has become jealous of my relationship with that last photo. I carry it in my wallet and say goodnight/good morning to it every day. Is that weird? Its weird isn't it? Crap.Do I have something in my teeth?


  2. Yeah, those Hopewell, NJ backyard waves are gnarly, dude.


  3. They're actually good for amatuers. Are you pretending to surf in that last picture?


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