Morgan Spurlock Presents: Last Cup (Beer Pong Movie)

It’s about goddam time. I had to sit through King of Kong, Murderball, Super Size Me, Battlefield Earth and other documentaries about overcoming the odds to get to this. Okay, so it’s not a spoof, but I really hate when they take quasi-classic comedies and slap on a few more-than-sh*tty sequels that go direct to DVD where the only thread of continuity is an obscure character who makes a cameo for one scene. Did you know American Pie 7 is coming out?

Anyway, here’s the synopsis for Last Cup:

LAST CUP follows four of these competitors for whom beer pong is more than a simple pastime— it’s a way of life. LAST CUP cuts through the drunken fog that has shaped the public’s perception of the game and examines the players’ competitive nature, their reluctance to “grow up,” and their desire for fame and glory. Dan Lindsay approaches his sudsy subject with just the right blend of sincerity and levity to concoct a humorous and heartfelt portrait of a game and the colorful characters who strive to rule it.

I’ve been called, “Peter Pan” on numerous accounts because I “refuse to grow up.” To that I say, “I stopped crying after beer pong losses last year.” So, suck on that, Mr. Science.

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