The (Lady) Killer Inside Of Me Loves Jessica Alba [TRAILER]

This extended promo for the new film by Michael Winterbottom, “The Killer Inside Me” comes from Bloody Disgusting via FilmDrunk (my favorite movie site of all-time… OF ALL-TIME!) The film’s based on a novel by Jim Thompson and stars The Better Affleck, Jessica Albacore Tuna and everyone’s favorite New York Yankee Kate Hudson.

AFLAC! plays a baby-faced cop who strikes a deal with some lowlife to off Alba’s character, who is an escort or hooker or my dream girl. Hudson plays AFLAC!’s disgruntled and/or jealous wife or girlfriend.

Never have I ever – get your solo cups ready – been so aroused and so horrified in a 5 minute span in my life.

Casey’s voice throws me off a little but I’m glad he doesn’t try to pull some hokey accent. I’d love to see a steel cage death match between Christina Ricci’s character in Black Snake Moan, Alba from this movie, and Sasha Grey from “The Girlfriend Experience.” Winner gets my wiener. This is high class comedy, people.

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