Is “Hot Tub Time Machine” Based on Harvey Birdman Episode?

Hot Tub Time Machine” is set to release March 26th. If you need help with the premise, you might want to look into riding the short bus, but to be polite, it’s about four friends who go to a ski lodge, hop in a hot tub, and are transported to the year 1986.

As original as the storyline sounds, it’s not. In episode #25 of the Adult Swim cartoon series, “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law“, titled, “Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs,” titular character Harvey and portly purple hippo-lawyer Peter Potamus hop in a whirlpool and are transported to the Dino Ages. Birdman did it! Birdman did it!

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  1. it's completely possible it's pure coincidence.


  2. I thaught there might be some relation..but there is no such the director created good suspense as unable to catch what the next scene


  3. I've seen that episode as well. I thought there had to be some relation… or at least reference to the Harvey Birdman episode. I loved that episode in generally… it's weird to see this movie and find that no official press has found this connection. Not to mention that people find the idea original, even though it's like 4-5 years old now.


  4. Thank God someone else said this, for a second I thought I lived in crazy-ville. I mean for everyone who has seen this Birdman episode this movie must seem like a pretty blatant ripoff. It does to me…


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