Jake Gyllenhaal & Aubrey Plaza Make a Cute Psychotic Couple

In mid January, Aubrey Plaza appeared in a music video for Father John Misty’s “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”. The Parks & Rec star plays a super volatile girl who crashes a funeral and escorts us through a rollercoaster of extreme emotions, but mostly just slaps herself in the face repeatedly. Then, yesterday (3/12), Jake Gyllenhaal appears in the music video for The Shoes’ “Time to Dance”, giving us a glimpse into what the “American Psycho” remake will look like. Straight murderin’ hipsters. These are two performances that, deep down, we knew each actor had in him/her and now I’d like to see each of these characters in a full length feature film just figthing and f***ing and fouling people up. Here are the vids…

Father John Misty – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”

The Shoes – “Time to Dance”

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