Lehigh Upsets Duke Despite Ridiculous Call [VIDEO]

As soon as I saw this matchup, I immediately emailed my buddy who went to Lehigh but is a diehard Duke fan. I asked him who he’d pick – his alma mater or his favorite squad. There was no question in his mind, he’s going with the Engineers cum Mountain Hawks. After a fairly predicable Opening Day of the Opening Round, Lehigh becomes the second 15 seed to take down a 2 and the fifth double-digit seed to produce an upset (Purdue #10 just beat #7 St. Mary’s). This all happens despite the brutal call you see above. Mason Plumlee completely shoving Justin Maneri in mid-air. That’s not an act, folks. That’s not a dive like you’d see on every possession in soccer. That’s real anger and frustration you see from Maneri. I caught it in real-time then was shocked when CBS Sports declined to show a replay. My paranoia kicked in and I was sure the fix was in. The refs were in on it and so was CBS. Why would they want Lehigh to win when just about ALL of America would tune in to watch the Blue Devils win or lose a much later round. Now, they lose all those viewers who were Duke fans and haters. My buddy’s pumped, though.

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