The First 4 Minutes of ‘Iron Sky’ [VIDEO]

As I cruised Tumblr yesterday, I saw a post from “I Heart Chaos” about the first four minutes of the Nazis From Outer Space action thriller “Iron Sky“. Though I’m growing tired of seeing Nazis cast as antagonists, this one’s got a cool twist. Set in the year 2018, we come to find out the Nazis weren’t all eradicated or brought to justice. Turns out they were the first to master space age technology that allowed them to escape to the dark side of the moon where they’ve built a secret military base to harvest helium-3. So, what’s the first thing I notice?

How about Earth’s cloud formation? It looks like the face of a tiger or panther or cougar.

It’s unmistakable. How will this play into the storyline? It’s definitely a foreshadowing of some sort, but how? Or is it more of a statement about Earth’s aggressive (possibly predatory) approach to colonizing the moon?

The next stand out element from the clip were the graphics. Not exactly top notch. The special effects made the clip feel like a cut-scene in a video game rather than a film. But, knowing the film was financially crowd-sourced and had a budget of 7.5 million euros (~9.9 million US dollars), I have to cut the team some slack. Looking past the cartoony-video-game graphics, the clip’s content absolutely piques my interest. This has got to be one of the most ambitious ventures in cinema history.

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