‘Bottle Poppaz’ Needs To Be A Real TV Show ASAP

Big Red passed along this absolute gem – what appears to be a promo teaser for a ‘reality’ show about two mediocre club promoters in Scottsdale Arizona, home of TheDirty.com.

I first discovered Scottsdale as a sophomore in high school when we traveled out there to visit my grandparents who were living in Prescott. Didn’t get to see the nightlife you see on TheDirty – with fake tots everywhere and guys sporting faux-hawks and spider sideburns maxing out their 5th or 6th credit card to get VIP bottle service to impress said fake tots.

In April 2010, I was at American Junkie (one of the bars in the video) for Playboy’s Top Party Schools event and I didn’t really see too much of that over the top lifestyle first hand, but I did get to see traces of it. Even so, I was 110% out of my element.

That said, this video nails it. If it’s not a series on Comedy Central or at least CollegeHumor by the end of April, I’m retiring my sense of humor.

Starring: Fabrizio Goldstein (The Fat Jew) & Jonathan Sollis
Directed By: Sebastian Bear-McClard
Produced By: Nick Gallo
Edited By: Ryan Littman
Wardrobe: Amber Stolec

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