This Is The Most Absurd TV News I’ve Read In A While (Ironically)

So, I subscribe to Variety’s e-newsletter even though I don’t subscribe to their print or digital publications. I forget this on a frequent basis, click on appetizing headlines then curse myself when I get the ‘subscribe now to read on’ roadblock they got going on. Anyway, there was one news item filed under TV that caught my attention and made me question the whole ad-supported content game. The screenshot is below…


For real? Advertisers are so bored by your research that you have to create a production company to present the figures in an entertaining way? This isn’t a knock on NBC, it’s a reflection on how f*cking dumb advertisers are. Believe me, I know how stupid marketers can get. Working in ad sales marketing and branded entertainment for four years really opened my eyes to the depths of derp in promotion.

Just when I’d think client requests couldn’t get any more absurd, now your head researcher has to throw on a f*cking clown nose, juggle chainsaws, and kick his assistant in the balls so he’ll throw up for Corporation XYZ’s Veep of Marketing to absorb the numbers you’re throwing his way.

And you know this idea is gonna take off and every research presentation will come with 3D glasses and overpriced popcorn. F*ck, man.

If you’re an advertiser, don’t be surprised if the cost of your spot goes up tenfold, the network just had to mortgage 3 new pilots to get Samuel L Jackson to deliver numbers about how effective advertising on NBC is so you can then turn around and hire Samuel L Jackson to star in your spot that is now doubly expensive because he was in the research presentation you got convincing to buy the time. I’ve gone cross-eyed.

Am I nuts for pointing out how absurd this is?

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