Porn Star’s Boobs Can’t Distract The Devils in Game 4 of Stanley Cup Finals

I didn’t get to see last night’s Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals because I was neck deep in the middle of co-hosting this week’s Tri-State Sports Guys show. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Devils pull out the victory to force a Game 5.

Today (6/7), I caught the encore presentation on NHL Network right after Patrick Elias’ goal in the third period (best period). Some minutes later, Dave Clarkson gets called for a questionable boarding penalty. The camera cuts to Devils coach Peter DeBoer who looks bewildered. As he leans in to get confirmation from his assistant, his eyes briefly divert to something off-camera before we discover the object… or objects of his attention. A massive pair of tater tots in a white tank top. Ya know, just in case you forgot the game was in Los Angeles.

According to Yahoo, those hooters belong to porn star Taylor Stevens who tweeted her intent to distract the Devils bench earlier in the night. Tough luck, CHESTer. Either the Devils are super duper gaypants or they’ve got incredible discipline. Or maybe they’ve employed that peripheral gawking mastered by Sean William Scott’s character in “Role Models”.

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