Paz De La Huerta’s Bloody Nude ‘Nurse 3-D’ Poster


This poster featuring Boardwalk Empire beauty Paz De La Huerta wearing nothing but blood, high heels, and a hat is a little under a year old, having released to the public in July 2011, but somehow I’m just finding out about this now. How did I miss the boat on this one? Was I still in my post-Fourth of July haze? I mean, this might be the sexiest movie poster of all-time. First off, we all know I, and many many men, have a thing for nurses. Secondly, the heels. I most definitely do NOT have a foot fetish, BUT there’s something about high heels that kick-starts my Dick Nixon. Maybe it’s because of the studies that reveal the higher the heel the more likely the woman wearing ’em will wet your whistle? And this comes after I saw an x-ray of a woman’s foot in a high heel, which just… looks awful.


The film, which doesn’t have a release date, also stars Katrina Bowden. If she strikes a pose like Paz, this thing might just break trouser snakes worldwide.


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