Take a Dip In This Sultry Swimwear Commercial

I miss summer. This past one was a joke. A bust. A wash. I was unemployed for the majority of it and when I went down, I was pale, out of shape, out of style, and whiffing left and right. Just massive hacks that didn’t come close to connecting. Probably my worst showing in my decade at the Shore. Despite my current situation – paler, out-of-shaper, out-of-styler, mired in a horrendous slump – I channeled Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ and lost myself in this video. Not sure if it’s a commercial for a specific swimwear company or just a video celebrating swimwear in general (it appears to be for “Sports Illustrated”), but I can’t wait for full on virtual reality to hit the market because I’d LIVE in this video for a full quarter.

The models are Tarryn Taylor and Nicole Meyer. Tarryn’s been featured on SI as the “Girl of the Day“. Nicole’s been featured on GQ South Africa.

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Steel cage jello match – I’m taking Nicole. Sorry, Tarryn. Prove me wrong. I’ll promote and organize PPV.

This mind-numbing masterpiece was directed by Moist Creation in co-operation with Adam von Mack.

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