The Preferred Toothpaste of Preemie Ejacs

Adrants dubbed this “The Weirdest Toothpaste Commercial You Will Ever See”. I don’t know about ‘weird’, I think it’s smart and sexy as all hell. Did you watch all the way to end? Yeah, that’s called engagement time. Did you remember the product? Yes, it’s Quay. Will you buy it next time you’re at the convenience store? Probably not unless you live in Australia, the only place it’s available. Is asking questions then answering them pretentious and dooshy? … Dammit.

Anyway, dude needs to man up and lock down a Fleshlight, some supplements, and do the ol’ stop-and-start pee exercises, maybe mix in a c*** ring, pinch the tip. F that, there’s no stopping that freight train – did you SEE the lingerie she’s wearing?!? I’m on the other end of a computer screen and I need a wardrobe change. Besides, the refractory period (amount of time it takes you to attain bone status again) should be negative zero seconds with this broad. Round 2, FIGHT!

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