Tom Cruises Into ‘Oblivion’ [TRAILER]

Here’s the first trailer for Tom Cruise’s new post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, ‘Oblivion’. It looks pretty cool – like ‘Vanilla Sky’ meets ‘Bourne Identity’ meets ‘I Am Legend’?

Say what you will about Tom Cruise – and most ex-wives have – but the guy can still pull off action roles. Though, I feel like his character names are getting lazy. ‘Jack Reacher’ comes out soon – he plays the titular character. We saw an advance clip where he beats the piss out of a group of guys a la Jason Bourne. Now, we get ‘Oblivion’ in which he plays a character named ‘Jack Harper’. A part of me thinks there’s this machine in Hollywood that has been monitoring audience trends, crunching numbers, and tabulating the results of thousands of focus groups to pump out what the people want. Hence, we get Jack _____er as the hero every time. Just fill in the blank with positive-sounding verb or noun and you’re good to go.

By the way, there’s a Scientology joke somewhere in there but I haven’t figured it out yet. Like, ah, so this is how it started. Weird thing is, with all this end of the world talk that’s been going around, I’d take Cruise on my survival team. Not sure if he’d be Captain, but he’d be a nice Wild Card.

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