This Video Game Mashup is ‘Nintendope’

I miss playing video games. I’ve been thinking about getting back into it, sacking up and laying down dough for a PS3. But, I know I’ll get it the moment before the PS4 is announced or something. A lot of people joke that my generation became fans of electronic dance music because of video games. I can understand that logic. My mom tells stories about me playing video games in my diapers. Then when I was a kid I’d have 2 TVs set up next to each other – 1 for video games, 1 for watching sports or shows. Critics claim violent or explicit video games negatively influence kids to commit crimes while others say it’s a safe way to vent, relieve stress, etc. All I know is I used to get real fired up when playing and I once played GTA until 6am in college. That’s not healthy. Neither is murdering hookers – those chicks can scratch!

Anyway, I got off on a tangent there – that’s my long way of saying this video game music mashup takes me back to a good place no matter how much “damage” it did to me. If I live to see 80, it’ll be a miracle.

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