Meet Jenna Marbles’ Brother – Johnny

Back when Jenna was working at/for Barstool Sports, she / the company had a promotion whereby fans could pitch Jenna on why she should come and party with them. I emailed her pics of our Ed Hardy Pardy and invited her to our as-yet-to-be-named Labor Day Blowout. She politely declined. Most likely, we would’ve disappointed, considering we were a bunch of ~30-year-olds trying to re-capture our collegiate days.

Well, since then, she’s departed BS in what became a bitter divorce from the company that launched her career and now she’s like iJustine 3.0 times five. She could post a 1 minute video of her watching paint dry and it would get a million views. So, it’s understandable that she ended up on AskMen’s top 99 Women of 2013 (currently at #90).

AskMen then produced the lil’ diddy you see above. A good premise that’s internet-friendly. The wig is clutch and they point out how the new (unoriginal) crop of viral video producers kill trends the moment they gain popularity – Sh*t People Say, Gangnam Style, etc.

“Looks like AskMen just got into the viral video business”. I hope so. With this effort and theCHIVE’s “Forever Alone Meets Michelle Jenneke” it seems like the blog / digital-only men’s lifestyle publishers are the ones who get what works online and will lead us into an age of awesome original video. Too bad it’s so damn expensive. It’s disgusting how many ideas I have.

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