The Funny Frustration of ‘Writer’s Block in B Minor’

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered a cerebral stonewall. I once wrote a final thesis paper after knocking back two 40s. The words just flowed from me like the salmon of Capistrano. Of course, there were some real off-the-wall theories, questionable reasoning, and completely unrelated tangents. But a C- is a better than an Incomplete. Drinking is how I cut my teeth on blogging. Looking at the incoherent ramblings now, I wonder how the FBI didn’t conduct a raid. Nowadays, when I’m stumped, flummoxed, and flustered, I resort to consonance and alliteration and puns. I can feel every English professor in the land groaning.

Anyway, I wonder what this dude was reading in bed that spawned his breakthrough idea. It must be a masterpiece of monster magnitude… motherf***er.

BTW, what are the odds this…

Writers Block in B Minor Screen
…gets greenlit by a movie studio.


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