SPOILER ALERT! ‘John Dies at the End’ Red Band Trailer

I subscribe to Cracked.com’s RSS feed. That’s nerd-speak for I like their sh*t. One of their writers, David Wong, wrote a book titled, ‘John Dies at the End‘. Kind of a spoiler, right? Well, after reading his plug for it on Cracked and after I finally motivated myself to give my Kindle a try, it was the first e-book I purchased. I proceeded to spend every non-work waking moment reading it. Read it virtual cover to virtual cover.

The story feels like a derivative or descendant of the Evil Dead genre – like Shaun of the Dead but way way scarier and stranger and, if this trailer is any indication, funnier. I didn’t picture Paul Giamatti as the interviewer, but I like it. Also like the two unknowns (at least, to me?) as David and John. REALLY like the casting choice of Fabianne Therese.

Of course, I’ve never heard of her until I Googled the film, but judging just by looks alone, I approve. I can be superficial as f*** sometimes. Upon further review of her resume, she appears to be on the brink of going big time. She’s also supposed to appear in ‘A Glimpse Into The Mind of Charles Swan III“, which co-stars Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman. That’s a +1. Oh, and her given last name is Gstottenmayr. You can’t have a last name like that and not be cool.

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