Is ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ Jim Carrey’s Comedy Comeback?

I know, it sounds like a ridiculous question, but wasn’t his last really funny movie 2003’s ‘Bruce Almighty’? Yes, there was ‘Yes Man’ and ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’, but both of those performances felt oddly restrained – not in the way that he acted but in the characters he played. With the exceptions of ‘Truman Show’ and ‘Liar Liar’, Jim excels when he’s playing wacky, outrageous characters – Ace Ventura, Lloyd Christmas, Cable Guy, etc. So, that’s why I think this will be the beginning of his comedic re-birth.

Studios will realize the average joe who goes loco routine can only go so far. We need to see Jim embodying the most offbeat characters – that way, there’s no yo-yo effect – no herky jerky slingshot effect for the audience, where they’re trying to balance out between normal and insane. The same goes for Ben Stiller. I know he’s bankable as the straight man who gets angry, but the guy can play colorful characters (spanish news team anchor in ‘Anchorman’) with great aplomb.

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