World War 3 Begins With The ‘Phantom’ Menace

I’m pathetic. I graduated from Hopkins with a bachelor’s degree in ‘Film and Media Studies’ and so now any time someone asks me if I’ve seen a movie and I say ‘no’ I catch a ton of sh*t for it. ‘Oh, I thought you’re supposed to be a movie buff! Hey, movie guy, how come you haven’t seen this yet??!’ It’s annoying as balls. I remember seeing parts of ‘Hunt for Red October’ but I’m not sure I’ve seen it in full (*GASP* WHAT?!?) I’ve seen promos for ‘Last Resort’, which has already been canceled apparently. This trailer for ‘Phantom’ makes me think the 2013 actioner will be a mix of those two programs.

It’s got a budget of $13 mil and it’s set to release in early March – neither of which lead me to believe it will blow people away but it should be profitable. One thing’s for sure, this type of movie setting is perfect for surround sound in a theater. Cooped up in a sub that has lighting problems with people who want to kill you? Claustrophobia + paranoia = heart palps. Better lay off the Diet Coke and movie butter on that jumbo bucket of poppycorn.

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