Three Dummies and a Baby

I love The Grawlix. I thought this series was done after episode 10, but then here comes #11 to tingle to my dingle. In this episode, the guys inherit a ventriloquist dummy. I’m not a fan of ventriloquists. Last time I enjoyed one I was 6 years old. I dragged my dad to the same ventriloquist show every frickin’ night when we were at Disney. I’m still shocked to this day that my father didn’t choke me out.

Now, ‘Three Men and a Baby’ released in theaters around Thanksgiving 1987, a couple weeks after I turned 7. I’ve seen it, but don’t remember much. I know there was an unnecessary sequel. You can see how this video tapped into my sense of nostalgia. I ended up burning my finger and pissing my pants.

I honestly don’t understand how a major network hasn’t picked this up yet. I’ve tried to get Adam Cayton-Holland and crew to live-stream their monthly show, but no dice. I could seduce them with earthly possessions that I don’t have or I could harness the power of the internet to get all 8 of my readers to harass them to agreeing to do it.

So, send all threats to their Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure starting a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign would be more effective, so have it. I’d do it, but my face makes people want to commit suicide. That and it would probably devolve into porn and/or fart noises.

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