Face Team’s Trampoline Slam Dunks are Death-Defying

This video features the Hungary Acrobatic Sport team, Face Team, slammin’ and a jammin’ ridiculous dunks thanks to trampolines. The film was shot over two days in Budapest and edited by Devin Graham aka Devin Supertramp and Lindsey Stirling. Face Team has performed at a number of games, events, festivals, etc. Personally, I’d like to see them battle ‘Dude Perfect’ – those guys who produce compilations of absurd trick basketball shots.

The song you hear with your earballs (props to Daniel Tosh for that word) is called, “Higher” and it’s by Scott and Brendo featuring Peter Hollens.


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As I’ve mentioned in my posts to Facebook and Twitter, I’d also love to see Blake Griffin try one of these dunks. I’m picturing a full court jump. As for me, I will never attempt something of this magnitude. I once almost shattered my shin just jumping on a trampoline. No flip or trick or stunt. Just jumping. I swear if it weren’t for my right arm and good looks, I would’ve never played sports.

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