This ‘Back to the Camera’ Supercut Lets You Enjoy ‘The View’

Supercut extraordinaire Zach Prewitt has done did it again. This is his latest masterpiece, “The View”, which is a compilation of camera shots from behind the character looking out to, well, a spectacular view. What makes this even more special for me and Dailymotion is that I was the one who recruited Zach (no biggie) and it was exclusive to us for the first 90 days. All you YouTubers gots to wait.

Zach used about 90+ clips from 80-some-odd movies and set the awe-inspiring visual medley to an equally mesmerizing soundtrack. This is just the beginning of what will surely be a beautiful relationship. Yeah, our Facebook status would be ‘Open’ but at least we don’t get sloppy seconds. That was gross and I apologize.

In all seriousness, I think supercuts are a true art form. To have the memory and recognition then piece it together in a way that doesn’t feel like one long loop is exceptional. It’ll be an Oscar category by 2015. Hopefully, Zach mentions me in the speech. Just don’t pull a Jodie Foster, Prewitt.


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