My Jokes About the Oscars, Divorce, Reaganomics of Hooking Up

This was my fifth stand up comedy set and my second at the Broadway Comedy Club. I joked about Kristen Stewart at the Oscars, my fear of divorce, the Hands on a Hard Body musical, Cialis, and how hooking up is like Reaganomics.

As I stated in my sign-off the above video, this was a HORRIFIC stand up set. Every person has a hurdle they just can’t clear and the Broadway Comedy Club is mine. Eli Manning sucks against the Vikings (1-4 lifetime career regular season record) and I just can’t make people laugh at this place. Maybe it’s because it’s always on a Tuesday night. Maybe it’s because the color red makes me think of mass murder. Or maybe… juuuuust maybe the world is not ready for my Will Arnett impression…

Many thanks to Sheba Mason, Ben Rosenfeld and everyone that came out to support me.

My next show was yesterday (Saturday) at the New York Comedy Club. I should have video of that performance tomorrow (Monday). I have an upcoming show Thursday night at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club at 7:00pm.

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