Reggie Watts Discusses ‘Profound Minutiae’ at SXSW

I can’t remember when I first saw Reggie Watts. It might’ve been on Conan. But I can tell you that I was immediately impressed with his talent. You can imagine how pumped I was to learn that we (Dailymotion) would be interviewing him down at South by Southwest (“SXSW” for all you insider types) as part of our “Profound Minutiae” series hosted by our Senior Editor Tony Layser. He had the honor of grilling the gifted musician from IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang and the results are, well, I mean you saw it, it was awesome. It was like a thinking man’s Between Two Ferns sans ferns.

I love Comedy Bang Bang and was like a crack fiend once the tenth and final episode aired last year. Luckily, IFC double-downed on the order for season numero dos with a premiere set for sometime in the summer. Nothing like laying in bed starfish-style in my tighty whities as I sweat and laugh my nards off.

No details on who the guests will be for the second season of Comedy Bang Bang, but I’ve always been a big fan of crossover programming. Throw a lil Portlandia in there. Not sure how each show’s cast and crew feel about that, but I’m sure the fat cats in suits get all boned up just thinking about it. Am I a fat cat in a suit? No. I’m a fat frat bro in a birthday suit. I am… the 0%.

Tony will be interviewing about a dozen more guests over the course of the week down at SXSW. You can check out his chat with another person who is out of this world, NASA astronaut Ron Garan Jr., on our SXSW 2013 hub.


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