Funny Game of Thrones Video: “Dragon Control”

I didn’t really catch Game of Thrones Fever until last Spring (2012). I was unemployed and had reached my limit of reading and hearing about how awesome the series was/is. ‘Nuff’s nuff, I had to see what the f*** “Winter is Coming” meant. Then I ran through two seasons in two weeks, maybe less. I was like a drug addict without a fix when the screen faded to black after showing hordes of White Walkers advancing on the Night’s Watch.

The Season 3 premiere aired last night and I finally got my mix. The half-man felt even smaller after getting his ass handed to him by his pops, Jon Snow got his first glimpse of a giant, and, of course, boobs. In this funny sketch from comedy group The Shorts Show, The Night’s Watch tackles a very hot button topic – dragon control. Personally, I hate it when I’m out at the club and my dragon accidentally goes off in my sweatpants. The worst.

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