‘Full House’ Theme Song Gets Dubstep Remix

VKMTV Studios is at it again. This time, Joe Petty, has remixed the Full House theme song with dubstep. I suggest his next project should be the Step by Step theme – title it, “DubStep by DubStep”. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never been a fan of Full House. I watched Full House because my younger sister watched Full House. I thought Michelle was a joke. Uncle Jesse could’ve plowed a million chicks yet he stuck with what’s-her-face. Was Uncle Joey a troll? Not an internet troll, but an actual hide under a bridge and ask for tolls troll. Like did he just masturbate all over the house when everyone went to the fair or whatever?

Personally, I think Kimmy Gibler was boning both Jesse and Joey. Knowing what I know now about Bob Saget, I think Danny had a secret bungalow someplace where he just got all his deepest darkest fantasies out of the way. Like he dresses up pro ho after pro ho in a fathead mask of his deceased wife or something. Knowing how Jodie Sweetin turned out IRL, it’s easy to see how Steph was super duper into drugs. And DJ… ooohhhh DJ. You were probably the reason I couldn’t leave the room. I’d always get so red-faced and/or upset when she acted like a prude. It’s probably why I can’t hit on hot chicks and instead play the part of ‘brother’. Jesus, grow a sack, Neal.

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