Grand Theft Auto 5 Fails Compilation

Grand Theft Auto 5 is anything but a fail, but my favorite part of the GTA series is that moment when all hell breaks loose at 5 star wanted level and you fail in colossal fashion, hopefully by flying and flailing through the air for a very lengthy time. Much like the one scene from the above video where the dude tries to bail from the car flying over the highway. Classic comedy at its best.

I’m not moved very easily but GTA 5 along with Batman Arkham Origins make me want to get into video games again. I’ve long thought that my window of opportunity for finding the right woman is gone and that I should just pre-order a PS4 and waste away. Dangerous proposition. I think I’d have 10 times the amount of night terrors I have now and might dress up as Bane and dip prostitutes into madness.

Thank Spaghetti Monster we signed World Wide Interweb, the producers of this compilation. I had the pleasure of meeting the voice by the intro card, Nathan, out in Santa Monica a couple weekends go while we were out at the LA Podcast Festival, which you can watch here. He told us a story about this one dude who probably belongs in the GTA series. This guy he described would get all kinds of coked up, show pics of his gf’s vagina while she was in the room, and then would get hammered drunk, shatter the glass he was drinking from on the lawn then hump that glass-riddled stretch of grass.

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