“Method Man of Steel” Mashup Video

Method Man meets the Man of Steel in this super(man) mashup, the third of “The Mashup Getdown” series. I hate to say it but I was real pissed over what I viewed as a premature Superman remake / reboot and unofficially boycotted it. I sort of regret it now. My logic is all over the place: I saw ‘Batman Begins’ in 2005, a mere 8 years after ‘Batman & Robin’ in 1997. I refused to watch Edward Norton’s turn as the Hulk in ’08, five years following Ang Lee’s emo interpretation of Bruce Banner’s beastly side. I shunned the Andrew Garfield’s turn as Peter Parker 5 years after emo Tobey Maguire murdered the franchise.

I guess I’m in the minority as the film has grossed $660 million worldwide. One of my lady friends said she wanted to see it strictly to see Henry Cavill’s body. Another lady friend was dying to see “Thor: The Dark World” because Hemsworth’s body alone is worth the 2 hours of other ancillary nonsense. As much as women wants us dudes to think our bodies don’t matter, they’re certainly not proving that at the box office.

The “Man of Steel” sequel featuring Ben Affleck as Batman is currently filming and is scheduled for release in summer 2015. I still can’t see Affleck as the caped crusader. I can’t imagine what his gruff voice will sound like. Bale’s was sometimes comical, Affleck’s might be downright ridiculous. I’m just excited to see who will play Wonder Woman.

I love “Method Man” (the song), but as far as intros go, the first couple ‘twinkle’ notes played after Meth’s re-enactment of the opening for 1989’s “Cyborg” will FOREVER get me pumped. You should’ve seen me freshman year, I almost ate people when I heard those notes.

Copyright information:

“Man of Steel” is © Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures.
“Method Man” (song) is © Loud Records.
“Judgement Day” is © Def Jam.
“Release Yo Delf” is © Def Jam / Polygraph Records.

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    “Method Man of Steel” Mashup Video – Dude, Are You Serious?


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    “Method Man of Steel” Mashup Video – Dude, Are You Serious?


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