Deck The Halls – A Wrecking Ball Holiday Parody (NSFW Language)

Just about everyone online made a parody of the Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” music video – some were good, some were bad. After a while, there’s only so many ways you can slice it and dice it. Then, there’s this parody, which gives the naughty video a Christmas twist. My company, Dailymotion, loves discovering new talent and Keely Flaherty (the featured lady) along with her sketch comedy group / web series partners Drunk Girls in Heels have caught our eye. We’re looking forward to beautiful friends-with-benefits-ship. No? Just friends? Okay.

Created by Keely Flaherty
Produced by Trevor Clifford
Famous Oldie Production (
Production Design by Ben Kujawski and Matt Newby
Director or Photography Mike McSweeney
Music by Emily Maggioto
Sound by Joe Quartararo, Lakhota Films
Special thanks to Newby Neon (

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