Neal Lynch Stand-up Comedy: Smaug, Phillip, West Virginia – Video Dailymotion

This was my latest stand-up comedy set at the Metropolitan Room on Thursday, December 19th, 2013. I told jokes about The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, how the name Phillip is an eyesore, breastfeeding, my sister’s lactation consultant, how I’m like a brother to girls, and my rags to riches story in porn.

As bad as my November 30h set was, this show was as good it gets. Awesome crowd that got jokes without punchlines. They just wanted to laugh, plain and simple. I had 2 more jokes in the chamber, but I decided to Costanza it.

Best of all, almost zero talk about vaginas. Couldn’t completely steer clear of the sex jokes, but people are more open to boobs then beavers I guess.

Still had a brainfart, though. Muffed the gay men and straight women joke, not that it would’ve been a killer. I’m thinking of buying that program. Try to salvage what’s left of my brain.

I’m glad I decided to watch that 11/30 show. If I didn’t, I might not have done this one. After my first set in January 2013, I said I’d give myself a year. If nothing came after a year, I’d hang ’em up. Well, it’ll be a year in a couple weeks. I feel like I’ve got plenty of ‘B’ material, but nothing clap-worthy. Those claps you heard for the West Virginia line – my first ever. So, I need more of that. Maybe in another year, I have ‘A’ material. Then comes the money. Then comes the power. Then comes the respect. Scarface all over your face.

Thinking about branching out to StandUp NY (if they’ll take me) and maybe signing up for UCB. 2014 – Year of the Neal sounds pretty horrible for everyone.

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    Neal Lynch Stand-up Comedy: Smaug, Phillip, West Virginia – Video Dailymotion – Dude, Are You Serious?


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