The 50 Best Sports Plays Of 2013 is a Boston Wet Dream

I’ve posted this video of the best sports plays from 2013 over on and on the Dailymotion blog, and now, with this post, I’ll give a slightly different take on the video.

As a New York sports fan, it was a horrific year and I don’t foresee 2014 getting any better. If you’re a Boston sports fan, you’re probably all smug about it, but you have a right to be, I guess. I’m sure the chick I saw over the summer is swimming in sh*t-eating grins and is probably even more overjoyed that she gets to work full-time in CT where she has a higher probability of meeting that Boston sports fan bf she’s always wanted. Interesting that she said she didn’t have time for a boyfriend in August and then I see she’s full on in hunter mode on OkCupid. Not gonna lie – “It it were February, I’d be a Stage 5 Clinger” will be a tough one to shake.

But, that’s not the point of this post. I was with my buddy, a Boston sports fan, when the Pats beat the Saints and when the Sox beat the Tigers on what was dubbed the greatest day in Boston sports history. What a feeling. I couldn’t hate on it… at least not right away. My father was a Boston sports fan minus the Pats because they didn’t come along until 1960, a full 10 years into his life, so the G-Men were his first love. I lived in the Boston area for three years – 1988-1990. I rooted for the Bruins, Celtics, and the Red Sox because f*ck, I was 8-10 and we didn’t have satellite TV. No one did. I still lived and died with the Giants, but the Mets and Devils were hardly on NESN (WEIRD!!!). I got lucky when the Bs battled the Swamp Monsters in the playoffs, but that was about it.

So, WHAT IS THE POINT, NEAL?!? I used to identify with or relate to Boston sports fans. They had a ‘lovable loser’ / underdog quality to them. I read the Bill Simmons book, “Now I Can Die in Peace” ironically enough right before my father passed. It solidified my feeling that Boston sports fans were alright. Then, BarstoolSports blew up. Then Boston sports became the Empire. They copped an attitude and now the proverbial little brother has juiced its way to bully status.

I’m definitely overstating the state of Boston sports, but the majority of Yankees fans make me wanna boot. Don’t be Yankees fans, Boston.

To cap this rant, I’ve definitely had my a-hole moments and I don’t think I want to be supporting a perennial winner because it makes you complacent as a fan (see Miami Heat). You need the bitter to taste the sweet. I’m not looking forward to the next year of New York sports, but I am sort of interested in seeing what the scene will be like in 2015. Wait ’til next year? Nah, give us a couple.

PS – For those wondering, I’m dating a Steelers fan now. And it’s not terrible.

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