‘SNL’ Adds Sasheer Zamata, First Black Female Cast Member in Years

Here’s what I don’t get about this move: Where are the Indian men? Where are the Japanese women? Where are the Brazilian transgenders? Anyone else have issue with this kind of Affirmative Action? I’m a believer in the policy of ‘the best job candidate wins’. If this is what’s going to happen, then I implore all minorities not currently featured on SNL to boycott – that way, you’ll be ensured your “race, color, religion, sex, or national origin” is fairly represented. Secondly, I think it’s ridiculous to lump all white people together. I’m sure if you break down where the new cast members are from, they’re not all from Germany. But, even that’s ridiculous. The more you cater to this type of thinking, the more segregated you get. Look at people as people. The fact this has received so much attention and such a response is backwards. I don’t see this as progressive. It’s a knee jerk reaction, a stop gap solution.

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