Seth MacFarlane’s ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’ Red Band Trailer Blazes Path to Laughter

I didn’t see “Ted” in the theaters. I caught it on Netflix. Like an adult. I know a lot of people loved that movie, but I feel like they went a little overboard in their praise. It was funny. And, by default, by not having any worthy competition, it was 2012’s funniest movie of the year (and the highest grossing). But, it’s more a statement on the dearth of quality comedies releasing than anything else.

I think I had more laughs in this trailer than I remember having with “Ted”. Nothing against Mark Wahlberg or any of the cast or crew of that flick, but if this doesn’t out-gross the Snuggles Does Drugs tale, I need to hang ’em up. Now, throw on top of that an all-star cast:

Charlize Theron
Amanda Seyfried
Liam Neeson – HILARIOUS choice because of Seth’s ridiculing Liam’s casting in previous Westerns
Giovanni Ribisi
Sarah Silverman

I really don’t understand why Sarah’s not in more comedies. Her talent shouldn’t be confined to small screen (TV, internet). Not counting her voice work in Wreck-It Ralph, she had a small part in 2011’s The Muppets, festival circuit flicks / limited releasers “Take This Waltz” (2011), “Peep World” (2010), “Saint John of Las Vegas” (2010), and low grosser “School for Scoundrels” (2006). I’m hoping 2014 is the Year of Silverman. I mean how she didn’t have a cameo in Saving Silverman fellates my medulla oblongata.

Charlize is also awesome in comedies (“Arrested Development”, kinda sorta “Young Adult”). Need more of her in that genre.

From now on, any time someone asks me how I’m feeling, I’m going with “Mila Kunis”.

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