Neal Lynch Stand-up Comedy: Marijuana Bowl, Amber Alert, Female Wizards

Here’s my full stand-up comedy set from the Metropolitan Room on Saturday, February 8th, 2014. I told jokes about the Super Bowl (aka Marijuana Bowl), the Amber Alert I received via text message, male witches, female wizards, weird moods and weird foods. Plus, my impression of a beaver.

I got inside my own head before this set. I was trying to prep in the basement when I overheard this one guy talking about going over my allotted 6 minutes aka running long. It’s heavily frowned upon. Now, I’ve done that a bunch of times – pretty much every time – but for some reason, I panicked and began slashing material. So much so, we end up with less than 5 minutes instead of the usual 6+. I don’t think any of the jokes I cut would’ve received more or bigger laughs, so it’s not a total loss, but not sure when I’d be able to use them again. Lesson here is wear Beats by Dre and tune everyone out a la those commercials featuring that dope Aloe Blacc song (which is/are awesome).

I’m thinking about doing another “bringer” on Saturday, February 22nd, but my gut says it’s too soon to get 10 people to come. But, next time I’d be able to do it is the weekend before my ACL surgery. #firstworldproblems

Thanks to Andy Engel (Manhattan Comedy School, Gotham Comedy Club, Metropolitan Room), Michael Codispoti (SOAR Video), and everyone who came out to support me.

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