Comedian Lives in Car 47 Weeks of Year

This is why I’m not exactly dying to be a ‘full-time’ stand-up comedian. This dude, Stewart Huff, has been doing it for 16 YEARS and has to be on the road for almost every week. I just had a panic attack.

He also WRITES MATERIAL WHILE DRIVING, which I’m hoping is at red lights and not while changing lanes on the highway at 75 mph. That’s pretty much grounds for arrest, no?

Listen, I love road trips as much as the next guy. I could see myself doing this for 1 year. No shot in hell I’m doing it for 16 years unless my chick is riding shotgun and I’m making six figs.

Plus, he prefers the silence. If that’s not the makings of a serial killer, then my name is Jeffery Dahmer.

To take your mind off wearing other humans’ skin as if it were your own, here’s a list of the top ten funniest road trip movies from WatchMojo:

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