The Ultimate Office Fails Compilation

Via World Wide Interweb on Dailymotion

PC Load Letter?!? TPS Reports?!? I’ve been living that cubicle life for a full-time salary paycheck just about a decade now and I can’t tell you how close I’ve come to losing my sh*t. I’ve been belittled and besmirched, downsized and upended. I’ve had an intern break down and cry in my arms, which was fun explaining to my superior, and I’ve had an intern flip out on me after a simple request. I’ve never been good at hiding my emotions and apparently I’m too hard on my underlings. I’m a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde when it comes to work – all business in the office, nothing but humor outside it.

Dailymotion has been very kind to me. It hasn’t been totally stress-free, but they do their best to provide a great working environment. The contradictory personas have blurred a bit, I feel comfortable enough to be more easy-going, but I still feel the white collar life is a deadly one. I just requested a standing desk because I read that sitting 5 hours at a time is like smoking a pack of cigs. If I can’t get that, I’m demanding an intern pries me from my chair and we do suicides or some kind of physical challenge. Double Dare that ‘ish.

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