Bump The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix by Eclectic Method

The Wolf of Wall Street was the only Best Picture nominee that I saw. My girlfriend thought it was a little too long, but I think that had more to do with it being a weeknight when we saw it. One of the best scenes from ‘Wolf’ was the chest thump speech from Matthew McConaughey. I’m pretty sure if I got that speech fresh out of college, I’d be a coke-and-quaalude-addicted stockbroker with a hot trophy wife who hates me and a fat friend with big, fake teeth who pulls his peen out at parties. Spoiler alert or whatever. I almost became that anyway after watching Wall Street for every pregame sesh senior year.

If I had to rank the chest thump scene, it’d be a distant second behind when Leo and Jonah popped way way too many ‘ludes thinking that because the pills were past their expiration date, they’d need to up the dosage. That could go down as one of the best in cinema history. I’m SHOCKED it hasn’t been spoofed out the yin-yang twins.

Anyway, THIS is what I was hoping for with my “Mashup Getdown” series. Take cool movie cuts and pair ’em with phat beats and presto-a-la-kazaam – internet gold. Of course, Eclectic Method pumps out these jams on a regular basis and has a much higher price tag. Maybe if I give him my own chest thump speech, he’d consider a discount. Or quaaludes.


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