Stand-up Comedy: Bang With Friends, Condom Jinx, Tricky Dick

This was my stand-up comedy set from Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at the Gotham Comedy Club. I joked about being sick, being in a relationship, the terms “bang” and “fingerbang”, and the vaunted condom jinx.

Only two minor hiccups: I struggled with the Bang with Friends bit. The first half goes fairly well (…there are no words to describe…) but then I butchered the tail end (…random horse anus…). Talk about a Freudian slip! I have NO CLUE why I said horse anus. Luckily, the momentum of the previous joke and the set in general was able to carry that punchline and I sort of saved it with ‘everyone’s got a fetish’ tag (add-on joke). Somehow, now that I look back ‘random horse anus’ is sort of funny despite being completely nonsensical. Or maybe BECAUSE it’s so nonsensical.

Truth is I was so focused on making sure I nailed the “my coworker’s shy cousin” section that I failed to nail the “is into random (insert random sex act)”. Of course, the better tag would be ‘i love animals and i love to watch’. But that just came to me almost two full weeks after the performance.

The other error was not setting up the calling my girlfriend my mistress bit. After stating I don’t want my relationship to get boring, I should’ve added ‘I’ve decided to spice things up’. There was another joke to that bit in which I clarify my gf doesn’t know I’m calling her my mistress, which might’ve worked really well, but as Jerry says, always go out on top.

Thanks to Andy Engel, Harrison Greenbaum, Michael Codispoti, and everyone who came out to support me.

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