New Animated Series “Twaggies” Exclusively on Dailymotion

Here’s the pilot episode of a brand new series featuring animated Twaggies, which are cartoons made from funny or interesting tweets. The creators have been doing the static version since 2009, churning out more than 1000 tweets into hilarious cartoons. So, I thought we (Dailymotion) should pay Neatorama (home of Twaggies) to animate them. And that’s how babies are made.

As a grammar nazi, I could only endure so much. I even changed the title, removing the apostrophe, before the creator asked why I killed that joke. That’s how good these guys are.

Please follow Twaggies on Twitter @twaggies and tweet all your funny to us for consideration in a future episode.

This episode features hilarious tweetage by @wwwesty and Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo).

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