Stand-up Comedy: Beyonce, Wineoceros, Green Wedding

Here’s my stand-up comedy set from the Metropolitan Room on April 25th, 2014. I told jokes about the term “wine-o”, my college major, medical knowledge, lawyering skills, eating habits, astrology, TV, music, and much more.

Only two mistakes this time ’round: getting tongue-tied on the Pisces portion of the horoscopes joke (which resulted in 1 person abruptly and briefly delivering one single “Boo!”) and cutting too much of the Steel-cut oatmeal punchline (No, the ’97 superhero film starring Shaq vs a DVD of the 1997 superhero film starring Shaquille O’Neal). I thought the Game of Thrones Green Wedding joke would do a little bit better, but I still like the impromptu “Neal! Shut up!” from the crowd during it.

My first claps for a joke! Take a pic and frame it, folks. As I mentioned on the show I guest on “Tri-State Sports Guys”, when I started doing stand-up, I was mostly getting grunts, groans, and gasps. To hear someone so moved by my words that they feel compelled to hit one hand with another and make noise is badge-worthy. Achievement level 1 complete, status upgraded.

Thanks to Andy Engel, Michael Codispoti, Ben Rosen, and everyone who came out to support me.

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