This Logan-Loaded Wolverine Remix Is Adamantium-Awesome

Wolverine was definitely one of my favorites growing up. Granted, I only bought one of his comics, but I only bought like 3 comic books total, so consider him one of the chosen. Hugh Jackman is perfect as Wolverine. So, what am I getting at? Well, Marvel’s decision to hone in on Wolverine has been justified, but is it possible that it’s getting a little played out? I know, I know. We got 2 Iron Mans before the rest of the Avengers rolled out, but despite all the rumors and speculation about other X-men spin-offs, nothing’s made it to the big screen. Maybe the casting of Channing Tatum as Gambit is a sign we’ll see his own dedicated release.

At least Marvel’s got its act together with Guardians releasing soon while DC spins its wheels trying to pump out Superman vs. Batman, a title that’s been hinted at for decades and was even featured briefly in 2007’s “I Am Legend”. Marvel might have enough momentum to pull off X-Men vs. Avengers vs. Fantastic Four vs. Guardians of the Galaxy before Man of Steel squares off against the Dark Knight.

That said, Eclectic Method brings the noise in this adamantium-laced mashup. Hot damn, EM, you done did it again. I keep trying to get him to produce exclusively for us, but his price tag might be just a tad too high. After seeing his latest creation and his track record, he’s warranted in charging a premium. Cha to the mutant-loving ching.

remix by Eclectic Method

Eclectic Method performing in London live this Friday (May 16th 2014)

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