Full House-Inspired Hockey Sweater is the Greatest Amateur Sports Jersey of All-Time

Cut. It. Out. Hockey continues to battle with Baseball for best jerseys.

The Big Lead

the-rippersShut. It. Down. Your amateur beer league team will never come close to matching the insane awesomeness that is this Full House-inspired hockey sweater for the Philadelphia-area men’s league hockey team, “The Rippers.” A player posted this picture on Reddit and you need to spend the rest of your day looking at it in all its glory.

The neck of the guitar is a hockey stick. The Golden Gate Bridge is in the background. It says “Have Mercy!” But wait… That can’t be the first hand sign for “Cut. It. Out.” Can it? OMG. It is.

We also have the cut it out hand signals in the blue on the forearm. There’s a smash club and wake up San Francisco logo on each shoulder, too.

It is so beautiful I have tears in my eyes right now. I love it. I want to own it. And we haven’t even mentioned…

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