Full Contact Skydiving Is An Insane Blend Of MMA And Jumping Out Of Planes

Some men just want to watch the Earth hurtle towards them while getting rear naked choke held…


From the mind of a whackaloon by the name of Jorg Ingstrom comes Full Contact Skydiving. What, exactly, is Full Contact Skydiving?

Full Contact Skydiving shall be defined as a mixed martial art combat sport occurring in the free-fall portion of a standard skydiving jump.

That sounds insane! What is the basis of this crazy pants sport? It’s the blend of Norwegian Jiu-Jitsu (The only ground fighting system that takes place entirely in the air!) and Skuay Thai, which is a lot like Muay Thai, only a million times more difficult because both dudes are free falling.

The rules are pretty simple, the fight starts from a 15,000 foot free fall, and both combatants must pull their chutes at the 4,000 foot mark. I’m from Alabama, so I can’t math out the minimum amount of time it would take to fall 11,000 feet. The other rules state that fighters…

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