Twitter’s Best Rejected Weird Al Songs #RejectedWeirdAlSongs

weird al yankovic tacky music video

Weird Al just released his latest album, “Mandatory Fun” on iTunes, Amazon, and his official site. His previous album, “Alpocalypse” was nominated for the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album with notable parody tracks, “Perform This Way” and “Polka Face” both spinning Lady Gaga hits. I don’t remember it. However, I DO remember a couple tracks from his 2006 release, “Straight Outta Lynwood“, those being “Weasel Stomping Day” (thanks to Robot Chicken), and “White & Nerdy“. The lead track off “Mandatory” was a parody of Pharrell’s “Happy” called, “Tacky“, the video of which debuted yesterday (July 14th) on Nerdist. Al’s releasing 8 videos in 8 days and it looks “Word Crimes“, a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” premiered today on VEVO. Strictly based on titles, I’m interested to see the video for “First World Problems”. That should blow up.

Since I suck at being “FIRST!” at stuff, I just now saw that #RejectedWeirdAlSongs is trending on Twitter, also thanks to Nerdist, which used it as a game segment on @Midnight, their show on Comedy Central. Some people don’t use Twitter. This blog post is for you. Enjoy Twitter’s nominations for Rejected Weird Al songs below.

“Churn Down For What”

“Harlem Shake Weight”

“My Fart Will Go On”

“Get Loki”

“Don’t Worry, Bea Arthur”

“Take On Bea”

“Smells Like Middle-Aged Spirit”

“Squirrels Gone Wild”

“Started From Bikini Bottom Now We Here”

“Who Let the Clogs Out”

“I Like To Moo It Moo It”

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