Watch My AXS TV Gotham Comedy Live Audition Audition!

So, here was my full stand-up comedy set from Gotham Comedy Club on Wednesday, August 27th. As I mentioned in my post promoting this event, the booker told me he’d pick 1 person from this show to audition for AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live. I’m 99% sure he didn’t pick me.

Anyway, I told jokes about the CEO of Cold-Eeze, my severe sweating problem, and other super serious stuff. Despite timing my set to come in at around 6 – 6:30 minutes, I went almost 7:30. There’s always one hiccup that causes me to lose my place; this time it was mentioning that I love my girlfriend. I hope to get to a point where crowd reactions don’t throw my concentration off; but rather I can respond to them in a humorous way then continue on my way.

leonardo dicaprio strutting

This was a later show (9:30pm start) going into a long holiday weekend, so maybe the audience was too full from dinner or too focused on their weekend plans to fart out some hardy-hars. Some people thought maybe I went on too early – I was on second after Billy Prinsell – an emerging talent whose comedy is a little more abstract than mine, which is saying a lot since the majority of my jokes leave people looking like they’re on a tarmac.

joke goes over head hansel gretel witch hunters

joke goes over head superman


Maybe I was a little too robotic / rehearsed. I know I need to be more natural on the stage, interact more with the audience / ask more questions? Whatever the case is, every time I’m hanging out with friends, they make suggestions about what I should put in my act. And I guarantee if I took their suggestions, I’d bomb so hard, wiggas wouldn’t be able to find me. That sheet crayon. Love you guys, but some things are better off ‘in the moment’. If I had a nickelodeon for every time someone said, “You should put that in your act” over the past month, I’d have the planet covered in green slime.


Thanks to Andy Engel of the Manhattan Comedy School, Michael Codispoti of SOAR Video, Angelo Lozada, and everyone who came out to support me.

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